Welcome to Health Science at CSU Channel Islands! Our interdisciplinary degree program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in private and public health services. The program combines the knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to provide rigorous training in health science with course work and experiential learning in general health science. The program includes a set of core courses and several elective courses. Our approaches include class work, service, experiential, and online learning. Along with an option to complete a general BS in a Health Science degree program.

Do you want to plan your studies at CSUCI?
Use these tools:

  • The 4-year academic roadmap gives you the program-approved distribution of courses to take each semester. Explore it here: https://www.csuci.edu/academics/artsandsciences/academic-roadmaps/bs-health-science.htm.

  • The major advising form: Use this advising worksheet designed specifically for the Health Science major to monitor your progress towards graduation in addition to using your CARR on myCI. 
    Advising Form (PDF, 221KB)

  • Make an appointment with a Faculty Advisor.
    Based on your last name below, please contact your assigned Faculty Advisor to schedule an appointment by clicking on their name. If you have general questions about transfer credits, graduation credits, or GE courses, please make an appointment with the Advisement office.

Last Names:Faculty Advisor:
A - CrKristen Linton
Cs-HeWilliam Wagner
Hf - MiRonald Berkowsky
Mj - RoLydia Dixon
Rp - ZSonsoles de Lacalle

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